Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hide and Seek

Hey guys,
sorry it took so long to update, I well, I kinda got lost. Legolas and I were playing Hide 'n' Seek and I was it so i counted to uhh was it 50 no wait I think it was 100, anyways So then I shouted "ready or not here I come" I looked, and looked for Legolas and I couldnt fin him anywhere, next thing I knew I was all the way in the Shire, I reckonized Frodo's house. I went up and knocked on his door, luckily he wasnt home, so I snuck in and hid in his basement for a whole month, I ate all kinds of bugs and mold and anything I could find. I just couldnt let anyone know that me "Aragorn, King Of Gondor" got lost in a little game Of Hide 'n' Seek. But Legolas is still hiding, and I've been searching for days, Maybe he's dead, YAY!!! oops I mean ****sobs*****cries****tears****.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Happy Easter everyone. Man Arwen is still mad at me for that firecracker thing, it was just a harmless trick I hope Mace's easter egg hunt tomorrow will get her mind off of it, she really over reacted, She's been a little moody lately, hmmmmmm........ She's also been eating a lot like last week we went out and bought some Ice Cream because she screamed at me for some and she ate the whole gallon and wouldnt let me have any at all, then last sunday night her father came over and usually she's all sweet and perfect in front of her father but this time she wasnt she was all stubborn and mad expecially when her father said not to eat the entire chocolate bunny he gave her because it looks like she's gaining a little wait. Anyone have any Idea why she's been acting like this she never tells me anything.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Deaf of A Servent

The other day I was just minding my own business doing my usual rulling my kingdom and all, but then I asked one of my servents to go get me a drink and she turned around and started yelling at me in some weird form of Elvish that Im shure Legolas doesnt even know, and then she turned around and left, then I thought to myself "Your so fired" so I called Pippin over and told him to go fire that servent so he walked in to the kitchen where she was and He didnt even have time to speak when she started yelling at him too. She made Pippin cry, you know how sensitive he can be sometimes. Then I called Merry and asked him to fire her. But when he walked up to her she started yelling at him too, then she hit him on the head with a fryin Pan and he came back with a cuncussion. "What is wrong with this woman?" I said. I then called Sam and Frodo, but when they talked to her they both came back with a shoe shoved in their mouth. Well I was gonna give it one more try, so I called Legolas. He came over and saw Merry almost unconcious on the floor, Pippin crying, and Sam and Frodo with shoes in their mouths. So Legolas walked in the kitchen and walked up to the woman thinking she was going to scream at him but she spun around and kissed him. Then the woman ran out of the castle like I just fired her but I didnt even get to tell her that. I was so confused.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines!

Hey Everyone. As King for your Valentines Present you all will be treated to FREE I repeat FREE dessert at Windu's Valentine Dinner. I hope Legolas is back from finding whats his face I needed to discuss something with him, danget I cant remember what it was. Anyways you all must show up at the dinner to recieve FREE dessert or you will have to go without a Valentines present.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Im Back

Hey Guys, Whats going on? I havent posted in a while, but I convinced Arwen to get a blog, hehehe. Well The reason I havent been posting is because the other day I was walking through the woods and I came upon an orc, so I reached over and grabbed Legolas's bow and shot at the orc, but I missed. The orc turned around and shot at me back but he didnt miss, he hit me srtaight in the left shoulder. OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! Then Legolas took the bow and shot the Orc in the head killing him, ha ha ha. But Im all better now. Oh and Thanks Sam for the flowers from your garden they smell really nice.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

On New Years Eve we had a party. We ate all the junk food you could ever think of, and when the clock struck Midnight, well Legolas decided it would be fun to start the new year by rinning nude around the castle, Man I can tell you from experience that, that wasnt a pretty site. I had to blind fold Arwen, and my servent went nuts chasing after him, very scarry.

Well Merry and Pippin, as you know, like to play with fireworks but this year they decided to shoot them off inside the castle because they thought the cellings were high enough, but the 7 foot wide hole they left would say otherwise.

As for Frodo and Sam, well they pretty much just drank the entire night, suprisingly Pippin only had about 2 pints, but for Frodo and Sam, Im not quite shure I cant really count that high. Well I have to go, The New Year turned out godd afterall.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Oh Sorry Guys, (frodo, sam) here is the complete Christmas List!

Arwen: A new Headband
Gandalf: A New Horse
Gimli: A mini horse
Legolas: A nice Hair comb
Frodo: (Dont you think 1 ring was enough) Tips on how to destroy an evil ring faster!
Sam: A watering Can (for his garden of course)
Merry: A new sword (a child proof one so he wont hurt himself again)
Pippin: How to not get in to trouble for Dummies